Italian Aperitivi, cocktails & other drinks

Aperol spritz Aperol Prosecco, soda & a slice of orange £6.50
Negroni Gin, red Martini, Campari (with or without soda) £6.50
CinAp Cinzano, Aperol, contreau, tonic & a slice of orange £6.50
Bellini Apricot Prosecco over smooth apricot juice £5.95
Limoncello royal Prosecco over a cool limoncello £6.50
Campari orange Bitter Campari & Orange juice £4.00
Martini lemon Dry martini & lemonade £4.00
Cinzano lemon Cinzano & lemonade £4.00
Martini bianco Over ice & a slice £3.00
Martini rosso Over ice & a slice £3.00
Flute of Prosecco Dry Italian sparkling wine £5.50
Kir Royale Flute of prosecco & cassis £6.50
Spritzer Dry white wine over ice with soda or lemonade £5.00
Kir Dry white wine with cassis £5.00
Gin & tonic Hendricks, Gordon’s, Bombay, Miller or Italian Boigin £5.00
Jack Daniels or Bacardi or Vodka or Malibú or Archers & coke £3.00
Mixers £1.00
Pernod £3.00


Peroni (5.1%) 330ml bottle £3.60
Moretti (4.6%) 330ml bottle £3.60
Becks Blue Alcohol free beer £3.00

Soft Drinks

Pepsi or Diet Pepsi Glass bottle (330ml) £2.70
7UP (sugar free lemonade & lime) Glass bottle (330ml) £2.70
S.Pellegrino Sparkling Red Orange or Lemon £2.70
J2O (Apple & Mango) £2.70
Sparkling Elderflower presse £2.70
Juice Orange or Apple or Apricot £2.25
Italian Mineral Water Still or Sparkling 500ml £2.25